obd’r Lech
Please smile

1393 first settled

The “Obd'r Lech” house dates back to ancient times: 1393 was the year when the house was first settled and this year also marks the time of the historically interesting colonization by the Walser people of parts of the Alps until then unpopulated. From the territory of today's Switzerland, the Walser people moved across the Alpine mountain ridges to build a new existence here in the Arlberg and Tannberg area. A barren countryside, hardships, long winters and the adversities of rough mountains defined their lives across generations. It was because of their diligence, skill, will to survive, and their special modesty that they could reclaim enough from the valleys and mountains to live and survive. At that time they could not anticipate that we would be doing so well today. Today we enjoy what generations have built up before us: you as our guest and we as your host.