obd’r Lech
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57 minutes to the "Gipslöcher"

The half an hour's walk from the "Obd'r Lech" house to the "Gipslöcher" (gypsum sinkholes) are a geologically exceptional experience. With thousands of wind-and-weather-shaped limestone dolines, crests and craters, the gypsum sinkholes are a testimony of the formation of the Alps and form a unique nature reserve. The “Gipslöcher” are one, but not the only trail that leads into the history of our earth. Geological trails like "Rüfikopf" or "Steinernes Meer" invite you to a shorter or longer exploration, depending on your physical condition. And those who want to go back to the history of the origins of the Obd'r Lech house should best consider a 3-day exploration of the "Walser Traits". www.lechzuers.com/hiking

Natural Reserve "Gipslöcher" 1:00h 4km
skyspaceLech 0:45h 3.5km
Lech Museum 0:15h 650m
High mountains "Butzensee lake" 2:00h 6km
Source of lech spring water "Formarinsee lake" 3:00h 15km
High mountain massif "sea of stone" 3:30h 17km
Rote Wand 4:30h 16km
Tannberg 0:30h 2km